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The music is "Salt Creek". The area where most of my ancestors settled in Indiana is Brown County (it's all of that pretty area between college town, Bloomington, and industrial town, Columbus). Running across the middle of Brown County you find "Salt Creek"! My Marlett, Chafin, Mobley and Roberts lines settled along Salt Creek. The other creek through Brown County is Bean Blossom Creek. My McCoy, Robertson, Richardson, McClary and Young lines settled in along the Bean Blossom in both Brown and Monroe Counties.


Visitor Submissions Do you have roots in Brown County Indiana? This is the place to share your information and maybe make contact with other researchers working the same lines!Bulletin Board: A place to post your questions and your answers relating to Brown County genealogy, or genealogy in general. Also a place for your favorite old fashioned recipe!

Letter's Home: This is a collection of letters written by Lawrence McCoy during his time in the Army. It offers not only a glimpse of WWI but also a look at family life during that period. He also mentions several other "Brown County boys" that he serves with, like George Prosser.

Surname List: Every genealogy site has to have a surname list. This one is constantly growing. If you family has roots in Brown County and your surname is not listed, be sure to check back. It should eventually get there! :-)

1850 Census of Brown County: Actually pictures of the original census book pages. Some are hard to make out, but they are all there. There is an index to help you find your family's page.

1830 Census for Orange County: A work in progress. It is kind of hard to figure out in its current format, but I am planning to rework it soon. The information is all there though if you have the patience to dig it out.

1895 Map of Brown and Monroe Counties: This map shows the locations of many small communities that have disappeared over the years, like Richards and Fleener.

Tour Brown Co. 1920: A collection of Brown County photographs that first appeared in a self-guided tour book published in the 1920s.

Genealogy Terms: A collection of terms that all genealogical researchers encounter in their searches. Many are old and no longer in use so the meanings can be puzzling. These have been collected from many sources. I hope you find them helpful.

Old Job Names: A list of around 130 old job names. Most are obsolete a some show the origin of some common surnames.

Marriage Index: The marriage index includes marriages in several states, but only those marriages involving my main surnames, Chitwood, Fleener, Goodman, McCoy, Neal, Richards, Richardson, Richeson, Roberson, Robertson, Robinson, Weddle, Young, Marlett, McClary, Weddle, and maybe a few others...

My Misc Marlett Info: Hey, some things just don't fit an index. You'll find it here!

Books from the Brown County Genealogy Society: A VERY helpful collection of works offered by these great people. The family studies are a must if you are researching nearly any family line that reaches into Brown Co.

Links: A collection of links I have found helpful. I hope you do too.

Do you have a web page dealing with genealogy in Brown County or any of these surnames? If you would like a link added on my links page,send me the URL!

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